About Us

“Trusted experience for over 16 years”

Since 1999, Right of Way Consultants, LLC (“RWC”) has been providing turnkey right of way services throughout all of North Carolina. We offer

a wide variety of services related to right of way acquisition including: property and easement acquisition, appraisal services, relocation assistance,

and legal services, among numerous other services  in accordance with all applicable federal/state government policies and procedures.


At RWC, we are passionate about quality of service and exceeding the client’s expectations. We have a long proven track record with many of our

clients which include NCDOT, engineering firms, local and state municipalities, utility companies, and private land owners. We strive to meet or beat

required schedules, with low condemnation rates. Our extensively trained and educated team brings the expertise needed to facilitate your acquisition

or relocation projects of any size.